Doing work on my backyard was the perfect opportunity to finally make a mural which I had been meaning to do ages.
Seeing that I don't have very much technical artistic talent or control of a paint brush, I decided to approach this from a slightly different angle. The gif below shows the several stages the mural went through.
From photo to complete mural.
I started with a photo of a TTC streetcar that I took on Dundas street. Next, I edited the photo with photoshop and traced the lines that I wanted to recreate onto a new transparent picture file. I positioned this on top of a photo of the newly painted wall on the shed along with grid lines on the photo. Horizontal panels on the shed served as good horizontal grid lines. I also traced light vertical grid lines on the shed with a pencil.
Copying the image of the streetcar onto the wall was then fairly easy because it broke down into simply copying 10cm by 10cm squares onto the wall with a pencil. After the pencil drawing was done, I used masking tape to create a stencil of the black lines. I spray painted this section then copied the procedure for the red parts. I'm satisfied with how I was able to go from
To this: