Web Design
My first exposure to programming was through scientific data processing though studying physics. As much as I enjoyed this, it was a very misleading picture of what programming can be. As soon as I discovered programming for the web, I was captivated. I don't think it was web programming that I enjoyed so much as simply being able to get instant, visual feedback on what you make. I think this also what later drew me to robotics.
I originally taught myself web programming as a creative outlet for design as a break from the technically heavy programming I was doing for school. I first learned by creating an extremely basic version of this site, years ago.
First version of this website. Very embarrassing.
The first version used raw html and css, and loads of interactivity using javascript. I quickly learned the value of tools such as sass and javascript libraries.
Version 2. I think I always had a thing for slashes along the sides of my site.
After this, the internet became obsessed with responsive design so I had to adapt. I also decided to overengineer my site and host it on openshift with django as a backend in order to learn to use these technologies.
Version 3. Much closer to what I have now.
The above site is still available at stwgtg-isaacphi.rhcloud.com if you're curious. I finally decided that this site should be a little more practical so I am now hosting it on AWS and generating the static site with jekyll.
What I learned about django played a huge part in the time I spent with PheedLoop. PheedLoop is a company that I co-founded while still studying at the University of Toronto. PheedLoop is an all-in-one management and engagement web software suite for conference organizers, speakers, and attendees. It is continuing to grow and serve hundreds of conferences. I worked on every aspect of the company and website, but spent the most time on the organizer's dashboard.
I continue to enjoy building websites including this one. Recently I also made a portfolio site for masonarts.